Communication: A Play

At the top of a ladder. The clouds seem too low today. And they’re green.

Nancy: We need to talk.

Drew: You want to talk, there’s a difference.

Nancy: No, we need to talk. Professor Armageddon released a deadly virus, if we don’t keep our jaws and tongue in constant motion, we’ll die. (more…)

Zeus: MRA

Leaning in, ‘Kiss me.’

Leaning away, ‘You’re a goose.’

Leaning further in, ‘I’m a swan.’

Leaning further away, ‘That’s only a significant difference to other swans.’

‘I don’t understand women,’ said Zeus. (more…)

Fashion: A Play

A bedroom. There’s a full length mirror. There should probably be a lock on the door. The names Batman and Robin are a lot more common than you think .

Batman: This isn’t what it looks like.

Robin: That’s good, because it looks like you’re dressed as a baby. (more…)