Month: August 2016

Patty And The Pandora’s Box Of Problematic Gender Identity Issues

Patty made a snowman. It was almost as tall as her, and had a carrot for a nose, and a tie. It was a good snowman, so Patty wished very hard for it came to life. It did.

‘Hello snowman,’ said Patty

‘What do you mean, ‘snowman’?’ said the snowman. ‘Who are you to say I’m a snowman? Why can’t I be a snowwoman? Or a snowperson? (more…)


The Truth About The Man At The Foot Of The Bed

‘Gareth?’ said Jenny.

‘Yes, Jenny?’ said Gareth.

‘There’s someone else.’

‘I was sort of wondering about that.’

Jenny said nothing for a moment, blinded by the headlights of a bad decision recognised too late. ‘You know?’

‘Well, he’s right there, isn’t he? At the foot of the bed. Now he’s waving.’ (more…)