Month: January 2016

Dead Or Alive: A Play

A very old house, like the set of a not very good horror movie.

MARLEY: Jacob?

JACOB: Yes, Marley?

MARLEY: Are we dead?

JACOB: Of course not, we’re having this conversation.

MARLEY: It’s just, I have this sort of haunting sense of loss. All the time.

JACOB: That’s normal. As you get older you realise that every day is another closed door and it’s too late to achieve another one of your dreams.

MARLEY: Oh. I also quite strongly want to sort of be at peace and fade away and not exist anymore.

JACOB: That’s normal too. Age eats away at the strength of our emotions, our capacity to feel happy or really anything meaningful at all, and replaces them with disappointment and regret. After a certain point the ratio tips the wrong way, living is more bad than good, and it would be easier just to not exist. It’s a blessing really. Imagine having to die if life kept getting better.

MARLEY: Well, okay. But what about all the ghost hunting shows they film in our living room? (more…)