Prostitution: Right or Wrong?

Like a butterfly landing gently on a leaf, he realised he didn’t like her. He kept listening because he was fairly certain she was going to have sex with him.

Was that wrong? She’d been talking about where she’d bought her makeup for twenty minutes. He’d already paid for sex by listening, now he was just waiting for it to arrive. And she’d bought his attention, she just hadn’t paid yet. They both got what they wanted, they both agreed to the price. How could that be wrong?

But then, he’d never go to a prostitute. Was there a meaningful difference? With a prostitute you paid for sex with money. On a date, you paid for sex with time. And money. And time is money. Did that mean having sex with prostitutes was okay, or that this was wrong? He was only interested in sex with someone who wanted to have sex with him, but he didn’t want to have sex with her, he just wanted to have sex. Was he the prostitute in this scenario?

He hadn’t said anything in a while. What was she talking about now? Birds? Lizards? No, still makeup. He couldn’t bring himself to say any actual words, so he just smiled and nodded. That was enough.

What about that waitress? He was sure she’d been flirting with him. And she had blue hair. Sometimes that meant the person was interesting. But no, this was a sure thing, and he could always come back tomorrow for the waitress. Creepy and romantic are the same thing, the only difference is whether the other person likes you.

Maybe he could change the subject, start talking about something interesting. But every time he’d tried so far she’d got that blank look like she was about to fall into a coma. Art, politics, philosophy, even movies were out of the question unless they were about dancing. And the worst part was, she was so attractive it had taken him three hours to realise she was boring. She probably had no idea. Every man she’d ever spoken to had treated her like Ghandi. And he wasn’t going to tell her either. He was going to have sex with her and then make up some lie about why he could never see her again, even though she was such an amazing, interesting person.

That was the answer. This wasn’t wrong¬†because he was going to have sex with her, this was wrong¬†because he wasn’t going to tell her she was boring.


He was such a good listener. She was sure he’d understand when she told him she was saving herself for marriage.


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