Month: July 2015

For Sale: Gamergate

The sign was hand made, ‘For sale: Gamergate.’ A young man stopped and looked puzzled by it. Then he noticed the gate, wooden and painted with characters and locations from video games. Or maybe it was in the shape of Pac Man. It doesn’t matter.

‘How can I help you?’ said an old man with a smile and the kind of eyebrows that should have been a moustache.

‘That’s our word. You can’t have it,’ said the young man. (more…)


The Test Results

She looked like a doctor should look. Unless you were a misogynist. Luckily, Ian wasn’t a misogynist. Ian just looked like some guy.

‘Now, there’s no need to ‘freak out’,’ she made the quotation marks with her hands, ‘but there were some abnormalities in your test results.’

Ian tried not to ‘freak out’. ‘What sort of abnormalities?’

She looked down at her paperwork, then up again. ‘Well, there’s no easy way to put it. You are of the Elder Kind.’ (more…)

Communication: A Play

At the top of a ladder. The clouds seem too low today. And they’re green.

Nancy: We need to talk.

Drew: You want to talk, there’s a difference.

Nancy: No, we need to talk. Professor Armageddon released a deadly virus, if we don’t keep our jaws and tongue in constant motion, we’ll die. (more…)

Zeus: MRA

Leaning in, ‘Kiss me.’

Leaning away, ‘You’re a goose.’

Leaning further in, ‘I’m a swan.’

Leaning further away, ‘That’s only a significant difference to other swans.’

‘I don’t understand women,’ said Zeus. (more…)

Fashion: A Play

A bedroom. There’s a full length mirror. There should probably be a lock on the door. The names Batman and Robin are a lot more common than you think .

Batman: This isn’t what it looks like.

Robin: That’s good, because it looks like you’re dressed as a baby. (more…)